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A Complete Make-Up Line

Colos? Cosmetics and Skincare: Official USA, North America and South America Website for Colose Makeup and Skincare.

Colos? Powder Blush is a soft and silky blush powder designed to highlight and contour cheek bone structure. Sheer, powder blush that blends onto your skin evenly and smoothly with natural and long-lasting radiant color. Colose Cream Rouge improves your natural look and the color in your face. Cream Rouge Compact is semi-transparent just to give the right tone for a healthy look. Colose Rouge Compact will not dry out or leave an oily film on your skin.

Colose Blush

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Colose Aubergine
Powder Blush 5 Gm
$25.00 / $12.50

Colose Bisquit
Powder Blush 5 Gm
$25.00 / $12.50

Colose Cream Blush
3 Gm
$18.00 / $10.00

 Silver Touch
Make-up Stick $16.00 / $8.00

Colose Highlighter
$18.00 / $10.00

Colose Silver Touch can be used on the face or on the lips. Just put a touch of gold or silver on your lips, eyelids or cheekbones. This make-up stick is just that "little special" to make you look more attractive. Contains Vitamin E.

Colose Highlighter covers critical areas such as shadows and lines resulting in a natural glow. The Highligter consists of green shining Mica-pigments to cover redness, shadows and lines. It is lightweight and decreases the appearance of blemishes and dark under eye circles. The Highlighter is suitable for all skin types.


How to Apply Powder Blush:

1. Lightly swirl your blush brush in your powder blush color. Tap off or blow off any excess to avoid having a huge color deposit on your cheek.

2. Smile. The round parts of your cheeks that show when you smile are what you apply blush on. Lightly brush the color onto this part, the apples, until you have a bit of color on your cheeks.

  • To have a brighter color on your cheeks just go back and do the same again.
  • Don't forget to blend the blush in.

3. Work your way back towards your hairline. Run the brush back and forth along your cheekbone for a more natural appearance.

4. Blend well. Avoid having a significant line of blush in comparison to your skin.


How to Apply Cream Blush

  1. Fingers ? Using your clean two middle fingers, pat your fingers into the blush picking up some of the product. Smile and apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend the color backward. If you feel you have applied too much color, use a sponge or tissue and pat over the top to pick up some of the color until you get your desired color.



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Blush, or rouge, is a type of makeup often applied to the cheek area of the face with a makeup brush in order to even out skin tone or to add more color. It is commonly found as a powder, but can also come in other forms, such as creams or liquids.