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Colose Body Care Products
suitable for all skin types


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Colose Body Care Products

Body Lotion
Art. No. 16310 |Lotion corporelle hydroactive
Lotion corporelle contains shea butter to protect your epidermis and silk proteins to nourish the skin. Lotion corporelle is gently perfumed, keeps your skin smooth and gives it a satiny look.

250 ml / 8.4 oz



3 Available

Hand Lotion
Art. No. 16330 |Lotion pour les mains
This hand lotion is above all intended for use after hand washing or bathing. There’s no oily residue. The lotion is well absorbed, preventing dryness, it conditions the hands and gives them a soft pleasant texture. Carefully massage into skin.

150 ml / 5.25 oz



7 Available
Exclusive Hand Cream
Art. No. 16361 |Crème pour les mains exclusive
This exclusive non-greasy, fast absorbing Hand Cream protects and maintains your hands and also your nail and cuticles. Thanks to its well-chosen ingredients the hands will become smooth and sensationally soft.

120 ml



5 Available

Body Scrub
Art. No. 16340 |Peeling corporel
This extraordinary body scrub gives the whole body a refreshing treatment. It contains little sand grains which remove quick and gentle the dead skin cells and skin blemishes. Your body gets a fresh gloss and feels like silk afterwards. Your body scrub leaves a smooth and stimulating feeling.

150 ml / 5 oz



4 Available
Cellulite Treatment
Art. No. 16380 |Actif Lifting
This gel-emulsion with Caffeine, Carnethine, Co-enzyme Q10 and algae extract works against cellulite and strengthens the skin. The gel active lifting smooths and refreshes the skin. Use after bath or shower.


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After Bath Lotion
Art. No. 16320 |Lotion après-bain
After a bath or a shower always use this exclusive after bath lotion. It helps to replace essential oils and to maintain the skin’s moisture, keeps skin smoother, softer.


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Body Lotion with Co-enzyme Q10
Art. No. 16410|
Lotion pour le corps Q10

A new body lotion with Q10 increases the skin's elasticity, smoothes and improves the skin structure and provides long-lasting moisture.It improves skin firmness, while promoting freshness, comfort and radiance.Apply in the morning and evening after a shower or bath. Use everytime your skin seems pale and dull or according to need.Keeps skin smooth and silky!

250 ml/8.5 oz



5 Available

Talc powder
Art. No. 16390 |Talc micro-fin
A superfine, antiseptic talc powder especially suitable for body care after taking a shower or a bath. This powder is very good in application on the sensitive skin, and gives a well perfumed, agreeable freshness and silky shimmer to your body.

250 ml / 8.4 oz



6 Available


Foot Treatment Cream
Art. No. 16420 | Crème mollifiante
A compulsory cream for tired and burning feets. Softens callus on the feet soles and will smooth dry and rough skin.

250 ml / 8 oz



2 Available

Deo Roll-On
Art. No. 17500 |Deodorant roll-on
Long-lasting protection against body odor. Regulates perspiration; insures freshness and security.

250 ml / 8 oz



4 Available
Art. No. 17530 |Deo-pumpspray
Colosé pump spray-deodorant contains antibacterial components which prevent the bacterial-decomposition of perspiration thus preventing the production of unpleasant odours. It has also additional properties as they are: simultaneous containment of the sensitive skin under the arms. The result is a extremely effective skincare product with a reliable deodorizing effect for the whole family.

250 ml / 8.4 oz



7 Available


Manufactured by Cosmetique Sa Worben Switzerland

Colosé USA products are shipped out of Michigan by Make-Up USA



Colosé is a complete skincare and makeup line from Switzerland featuring body care products


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