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Colosé Skincare Cleansing


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Colose Cleansing Products

Cleansing Milk - All Skin Types 
Art. 11010 |
Lait pour démaquillage

Our cleansing milk gently cleanses, moisturizes and protects your skin due to its dermatologically tested fine emulsion. It acts deeply, which opens pores and excess sebum, make-up and grime are removed. The milk works like a very mild abrasive mask against dead cells. It restores water balance and acidic pH by nourishing and protecting the skin. 


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7 Available

Eye Make-up Remover Lotion
Art. 14250 | Démaquillant pour les yeux
Eye Make-Up Remover lotion. Easily removes make-up without irritating eyes. Hypo-allergenic, pH balanced.

150 ml



4 Available

Toner For Sensitive Skin
Art. No. 11060 | Lotion tonique sensitif
The main role of toner is to completely remove dead skin cells and alkali residue so that the skin can breathe correctly. The balanced acidity of the toner restores the skin's normal pH resulting in smooth, clean and refreshed skin.


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1 Available

Cleansing Lotion
Art. 11090 | Lotion de nettoyage
A unique washing lotion especially suitable for oily-young-skin. With regular use, it will help to reduce pimples and black-heads.


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6 Available

Manufactured by Cosmetique Sa Worben Switzerland

Colosé USA products are shipped out of Michigan by Make-Up USA



Colosé is a complete skincare and makeup line from Switzerland featuring cleansing products

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