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Colose Hair Care Products
suitable for all skin types


Colose Body Care Products

Baume de soin   $27.00 Sale $13.50 2 left in stock

Art. No 16060 | Hair conditioner
This hair conditioner with unique properties is suitable for all hair. It makes the hair easier to comb and becomes soft and smooth. Particularly recommended for permed, bleached or colored hair.

Shampooing volumateur  $23.00 Sale $11.50 4 left in stock
Art. No. 16070 | Shampoo Volume
The shampoo volumateur gives the hair a voluminous appearance improving its texture and manageability. Thanks to its mildness it cleanse the hair gently enough for every day use.

Shampooing doux $23.00 Sale $11.50 1 left in stock
Art. No. 16080 | Shampoo Mild
The shampoo doux gives the hair a silky appearance and its conditioning properties let the hair tangle free with shiny and luster effects. The proteins of the milk moistures and cares the hair.

Manufactured by Cosmetique Sa Worben Switzerland

Colosé USA products are shipped out of Michigan by Make-Up USA


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