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Colose Bath Care Products
suitable for all skin types


Shipping Worldwide

Bath Foam Bubbles
Art. No. 16210 | Bain de mousse stimulant

This beauty bath with ocean floral fragrance stimulates, refreshes, conditions, and protects the skin from dryness.

250 ml / 8.4 oz



6 Available
Shower Gel
Art. No 16250 | Colose Douche-Gel

A natural protein from collagen has been incorporated into this fine shower gel. The silk lather gently cleanses your body and leaves your skin smooth and supple.The combination of mild surfactants smooths and cares for your skin. The Shower gel is soap-free and because of its light consistency is easy to apply. The mild formulation tones and moisturizes and produces a gentle lather. The added acacia collagen has soothing and caring properties which moisturize your skin as you shower. The formulation is pH-balanced. Contains a mixture of elastin, collagen and protein.


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Body Scrub
Art. No 16340 | Peeling Corporel Bodyscrub

Our top selling body scrub contains little sandgrains that quickly and gently remove dead skin cells and blemishes. Skin gets a fresh glow and feels like silk. Massage in a circular motion on wet and thoroughly cleansed skin, then rinse with plenty of water.
Please Note: This product is for your body, not your face and improves the appearance of sun damaged skin, acne scars, age spots, and stretch marks.

150 ml / 5 oz



6 Available
Talc Powder
Art. No 16390 | Talc Microfin

A mildly antiseptic absorbent fine powder for body and foot care and general hygiene, leaving the skin feeling smooth, dry, fresh and delicately perfumed. Non-allergenic and free of asbestos, it is suitable even for babies and sensitive skin.
90 gr



6 Available
Hair Conditioner
Art. No 16060 | Baume

A light hair conditioner which will leave your hair vibrant and easy to brush.

Suitable for all kinds of hair. Particularly recommended for permed, bleached or colored hair.



2 Available
Shampoo Volume
Art. No 16070 | SShampooing volumateur

The shampoo volumateur gives the hair a voluminous appearance improving its texture and manageability. Thanks to its mildness it cleanse the hair gently enough for every day use.


4 Available
Mild Shampoo
Art. No 16080 | Shampooing doux

The shampoo doux gives the hair a silky appearance and its conditioning properties let the hair tangle free with shiny and luster effects. The proteins of the milk moistures and cares the hair.


1 Available
After Bath Lotion
Art. No 16320 | Lotion Aprés Bain

After a bath or shower always use our exclusive lotion.  It helps to replace essential oils and maintains the skin's moisture.  Keeps skin smooth and silky!


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Manufactured by Cosmetique Sa Worben Switzerland /font>

Colosé USA products are shipped out of Michigan by Make-Up USA


Colosé is a complete skincare and makeup line from Switzerland featuring bath care products

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